Our partners and technologies

Universal Conquest

Analyze to conquer everything with the best strategy in the GalaxyDust Metaverse.

Real-Time Multiplayer

Everything you do in the game is reflected in real time, allowing every decision you make to affect everyone.


Get the space nfts of plans, structures, ships, technologies, etc Completely tradable and usable.

PvP - PvE

Aim to explore the vast universe while fighting and collecting all the resources you need.

Buildings will give you basic resources, research will give you enough knowledge to create your fleets and defenses, and with them explore outer space and attack and/or defend yourself from other players who will be happy to steal your resources.

Avant-garde economy

// Token 1 = 1 USD

Multichain & DAOs

Our economy is real and sustainable because it is not defined by the price of a token or by a network blockchain.


Multichain technology allows us to access the game from several decentralized networks with the aim of facilitating access to the player.

GD Token

This is our in-game token, which is always 1:1 with USD. Thus allowing nothing to be affected by the trade. And we will ensure everyone's liquidity.


They will decide the future aspects of our metaverse, voting on political changes, economic endeavors, and even the game's content design.




And much more that you will discover while you explore this great universe and galaxy.